DIY Raccoon Traps

There is no doubt that raccoons are cute looking creatures but if they happen to get in your yard, that cuteness can get quite annoying in a hurry. That is what is so great about DIY raccoon traps, you can inexpensively and effectively eliminate raccoons from your yard without a hitch all by yourself, however in case you need professional help you always can call raccoon removal Burlington and receive superb service.

The Bait

Racoons, for the most aprt can be a little on the predictable side and with the proper bait, they can’t resist becoming trapped. Finding bait with a strong scent is key because it can draw raccoons from a further distance away. Honey-covered fruit, sugar, marshmallows and fish work wonders for bait. Another go-to bait which would work well if you don’t have those particular items is peanut butter.

Create a Barrel Trap

Find a trash can or a barrel and a board around 18-inches long and then some water. Place the can or barrel upright against a table or something that will hold the can or barrel in place. Fill it roughly around a 1/3 full, it will weigh itself down so it will keep the barrel from flipping over while not drowning the animal.

Lay the board down so it can create a platform in the center of the can or barrel. Then, bait the trap at the opposing end over the barrel. When the raccoon has made it’s move for the bait in the can or barrel, the board will then overbalance and the racoon will fall down into the reservoir of water.

Post Trapping

At this point, after the trap has caught the raccoon successfully, place a lid to secure it and then the right thing to do would be to haul the trap out of any area where there is human habitation. It is then when you properly release the racoon back into the wild from which it came. If the region you live in is under any type of rabies alert, then you should not release the racoon back into the wild. The right thing to do would be to alert the local animal-control office and ask for information regarding what you should do with the animal.

Do the Right Thing

As you can see, creating DIY raccoon traps is a very easy task to do. The thing you must remember is to always be humane to the creature due to the fact that they didn’t intend on choosing your specific residence but they just found themselves there.